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Learn Spanish Anywhere YOU Go!

ONLINE Sessions

Children, Teenagers and Adults

Spanish Online

Our Method

Communication is our goal! Our sessions revolve around interactive conversations for everyday life with a dash of grammar. We provide you with a fun, personalized & supportive online environment to learn at your own pace while focusing on areas in which you have the potential to improve.

How It Works

About Us

We relentlessly focus on fostering positive language growth and understanding while connecting to the culture through language. We take into account students' unique learning styles and needs to create a personalized and self-paced language learning experience.

We envision students connecting with a new culture and/or maintaining ties with their family's culture through language.

We firmly believe that with the right tools and support, students can unlock their potential and language learning creativity .

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"Celeste helps all of the students stay on track. She is hilarious and makes class interesting. It is easy to participate!"

"Rosaura is a very creative, kind and patient teacher. She has all kinds of ways of teaching, like drawing the idea or going for outings to the city & museums. She was always super prepared"

"Saraí was extremely nice and very competent. Lessons with her were always exciting and fun.

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