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Terms of Use

Updated: February 19, 2022

This page declares MorSpanish Inc. Terms of Use and Sale which was last updated on June 28, 2021. In this agreement the use of "we" and "our" refers to MorSpanish Inc.​


We hold the right to amend this Agreement at any given point on our website. MorSpanish Inc does not have the responsibility to alert clients of any updates to this agreement. Updates in the Agreement may or may not be posted on the homepage of our website.​​


These terms and any other rules, or guidelines in our website are our legal terms to which you are agreeing to every time you access our website.​​


Copyrights and Trademarks

All materials including without limitation, logos, brand names, images, designs, photographs, video clips, and/or any other materials that appear on our website are copyright, trademarks, service mark, and/or intellectual property whether registered or unregistered.​​


Services Disclaimer

Our services, employees, instructors, and representatives are guided by our legal terms and maintain a high level of professionalism. However, MorSpanish Inc. does not guarantee that our instructors, employees, and representatives will act in accordance with our policy of conduct. Therefore, if you are displeased with the behavior of, or any type of communication with MorSpanish Inc and/or its instructors please refer to the refund policy to take action. You forfeit the right to take any legal action against MorSpanish Inc. or its associates.​​


Customer Etiquette (Student Code of Conduct)​

As a MorSpanish client, the individual agrees to the following etiquette when partaking in one or more of our services or communicating with anyone in the MorSpanish team. MorSpanish Inc. holds the right to refuse services and/or refunds to the client if the following Etiquette is broken:​


The client agrees to:

  • Be respectful, polite, and maintain basic manners.

  • Be on time & with minimum outside noise or distractions.

  • Be fully dressed.

  • Not solicit personal information from MorSpanish's instructors and employees. This includes but is not limited to address, phone number, social media, among other personal information.

  • Be the sole user of their account.


Refunds are not provided to cancelations or no-shows. Refunds are provided ONLY to MorSpanish clients who are unhappy with the service within the first 14 days. After the initial 14 days of service, we DO NOT issue refunds. Before issuing a refund, basic questions will be asked in regards to the client's request in order to obtain valuable feedback. Refunds will be issued within the first 14 business days of approval of the client's request. We reserve the right to deny clients our services in the future in order to prevent abuse of the refund system.​


Recording of Classes or other Sessions for Training Purposes​

The sole purpose of recording sessions is to improve teaching techniques as well as to provide training examples of how sessions need to be conducted. On occasion, the instructors will record the class or session and will explicitly inform the client/student. At which point, the client/student holds the right to refuse being recorded. Any recordings obtained are private and will not be published or used in any outside source. Recordings that may have any personal information will be deleted.​


MorSpanish welcomes your questions or comments regarding the Terms of Use. MorSpanish PO Box 581324 Minneapolis, MN 55458 Email:

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